Hands-on look at the HTC Legend

CNET gets some hands-on time with the newly announced Google Android phone, the HTC Legend.

HTC Legend
HTC Legend Bonnie Cha/CNET

BARCELONA, Spain--The HTC Legend is legen- ... wait for it, wait for it ... dary. Any "How I Met Your Mother" fans out there? No? OK, fine. What we're trying to say here is that the HTC Legend is pretty awesome.

Announced Tuesday morning at Mobile World Congress, the Legend is the next evolution of the HTC Hero and really brings some nice design improvements and enhancements to the HTC Sense user interface.

Though we had to run to another meeting after HTC's news conference, we stopped by its booth afterward for some brief hands-on time with the Android device and snapped some shots. We'll be sitting down with HTC one-on-one tomorrow where we hope to dig into the phone a little deeper. In the meantime, check out the gallery below to get a closer look at the device and get more of our first impressions.

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