Hand blender with a feed tube

The Cuisinart CSB-80 Smart Stick PowerTrio High-Torque Hand Blender includes convenient attachment. A highlight of the set is a 4-cup food processor work bowl with a feed tube.

Standing at the ready for many kitchen prepping tasks.
Standing at the ready for many kitchen prepping tasks. Amazon.com

A sturdy food processor on a kitchen counter makes for an impressive sight.

The large base has a weighty appeal and gives off a sense of efficiency. If the size doesn't impress you, the blades-in-waiting and protruding feeding tube will. And yet, even though these standard kitchen appliances look like they can handle any task, sometimes they are just too big and bulky.

Offering a nimbler approach to the prep work, the Cuisinart CSB-80 Smart Stick PowerTrio High-Torque Hand Blender packs a lot of versatility into one effective unit. The 400-watt stick motor attaches to a variety of accessories, so the hand-held blender can be used directly in pots and pans or with the 4-cup food processor work bowl. The work bowl can be used with the included slicing/shredding disc or the chopper blades and it features a feed tube--just like big food processors do.

The motor housing attaches in a simple manner to all the components, all of which are dishwasher-safe, which should make switching tasks a breeze. Perhaps more importantly, when it comes time to clean up and put it all away, it's easier to tuck away in the kitchen cabinet than a full-size food processor. And a clean and organized kitchen--now that is an impressive sight.

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