Hamilton Beach puts a spin on the French press

The Hamilton Beach French Press with Cocoa Attachment gives the traditional coffee press and gives it a new dimension. The plunger mechanism can be switched out for a stirring attachment.

Hamilton Beach French Press with Cocoa Attachment makes both.
Looks like coffee, tastes like cocoa. The Hamilton Beach French Press with Cocoa Attachment makes both. Hamilton Beach

Technology has had a major impact on the goings-on in the kitchen. However, there are still some things that are hard to improve upon (at least from a preparation perspective). Take French press coffee for example. The simple preparation of steeping ground coffee in hot water produces results that are well respected for a reason: it just works.

Now, that's not to say an automatic plunger and integrated timer that tweets wouldn't improve the device, but for the most part, French press coffee makers are manual creations that do a really good job at what they do. But still, shouldn't they be capable of doing something other than just sit there and steep? Like make cocoa, for instance. Who doesn't like cocoa?

The Hamilton Beach French Press with Cocoa Attachment ($19.99) takes the manual coffee-making accessory to a new level. Featuring a cocoa stirrer that switches out with the traditional plunging mechanism, the kitchen gadget is designed to not only produce a great cup of coffee, but also a batch of cocoa using real chocolate chips. Add chocolate, hot milk and press to stir. And there you have it: hot chocolate in a coffee press. Maybe not as passive as steeping coffee or tea, but every bit as delicious.

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