Hacker steals Chileans' data, posts to Net

Hacker steals and briefly posts to the Internet personal data of 6 million people to show how poorly secured the servers are, a Chilean newspaper reports.

A hacker broke into the Chilean government computer network and stole addresses, phone numbers, and other personal data of 6 million citizens, the Associated Press reported.

The hacker, who identified himself (or herself) as "Anonymous Coward," then posted the data briefly on the Internet, saying he (or she) wanted to demonstrate how poorly protected consumer data in Chile is, according to daily newspaper El Mercurio, which first reported the news on Sunday.

The data, stolen from military, election, and education department servers, included consumer ID card numbers and e-mails, among other information. Among the victims was one of the daughters of Chile's President Michelle Bachelet, the wire service reported.

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