H.R. Giger Geiger counter is frightening and useful

If you want to look for radioactivity in truly "Alien" style, then you need a Giger Geiger counter crafted from bones and tubes.

Giger Geiger counter
Didn't the crew of Prometheus have some of these? Steve D/Mad Art Lab

An offhand Twitter comment about a "Giger counter" launched a maker into a project to build a Geiger counter done in the style of "Alien" creator H.R. Giger. It's a pun come to creepy, wonderful life.

Steve D of Mad Art Lab combined a half-scale human skeleton model, a Geiger counter kit from Adafruit, some flexible tubing, and plenty of Carbon Mist metallic paint into a disturbing-looking Geiger counter.

The Geiger counter part of the creation does actually work. It makes all the right blipping sounds and a red LED lights up on the back of the alien creation's "head."

This Giger Geiger counter belongs out in the world. Take it to scan fruit at the local grocery store. Try to convince NASA to stow one away on the next Mars mission. Impress your geek friends and worry your neighbors.

Before the comments explode, Steve D does know the pronunciations of "Geiger" and "Giger" are different, but let's not spoil the fun.

(Via Obvious Winner)

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