'Guitar Hero' for Xbox or PS3, $39.99 shipped

It's the Aerosmith edition of the video game, complete with wireless ax--er, guitar. Groupies not included with this deal, from the ailing Circuit City.

An Aerosmith Guitar Hero bundle for $40 creates plenty of sweet emotions. Activision

Sorry about the bankruptcy, Circuit City, but thanks for the excellent deals while you're reorganizing.

The latest: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Special Edition Wireless Bundle for Xbox 360, normally $69.99, is now $39.99 shipped. Got a PlayStation 3? No worries: same bundle, same price.

But wait, there's more: Circuit City also has Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with Guitar for PlayStation 2. Once again: $39.99 shipped.

I'll admit that I never got bitten by the Guitar Hero bug (perhaps because I'm past the age of 23--kidding!), but for $40, I might just splurge. The Xbox and PS3 bundles include wireless guitars and, of course, a generous helping of Aerosmith tunes, along with the usual assortment of rock classics.

It's rare indeed to find these bundles selling below their list prices, so I expect that they'll sell out in a hurry. If you're ready to put down your air guitar and pick up a real (fake) one, click quick.

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