Grow a garden in BenQ's LED monitor

The BenQ V2400 Eco is a stark white LED-based monitor with a plant pot.

Seriously, a plant pot in your monitor. I bet you'll never question the "greeness" of this monitor now! Josh P. Miller/CNET

LED monitors were the new hotness at CES last January, but it wasn't until the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 debuted that we really started to believe in them.

That was the first monitor that really seemed to live up to what LED monitor manufacturers' have promised.

That was the first monitor that really seemed to live up to what has been promised by LED monitor manufacturers'.

That monitor was followed by several more that, while not as impressive as the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370, were still good, solid monitors--like the LG W2486L and AOC V22 .

The new BenQ V2400 Eco gets a few things right--very low power consumption and a thin design. Not to mention a small pot built into the footstand, just in case you wanted start a small garden in your monitor. Seriously.

Check out the full review to see what else it gets right (and wrong).


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