Groovy, baby: Lava lamp cell phone charm alerts you to calls

A lava lamp cell phone charm lets you know of incoming calls by lighting up.

Mathmos lava lamp cell phone charm
Mathmos lava lamp cell phone charm Technabob via Gizmodo

I am not one for cell phone charms, but I also realize it's a way to personalize your handset and make a statement about yourself--whether you're a straight-up baller , fashionista , or boozer . However, a U.K. company called Mathmos has come up with a way for a cell phone dangle to be, err, somewhat cute and useful. The charm--available in lava lamp (blue or red) or light bulb (blue or white) models--detects the radio frequency emissions that come from your phone when you receive a call and will alert you to the incoming call by lighting up. Gimmicky? Sure. But it could also be quite handy. The charms cost about $12 each (minus international shipping costs), and here's an interesting tidbit for you: Mathmos was the original creator of the lava lamp.

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