Griffin tries to boost iPhone in a stubby way

The antenna case is a nice try, but iLounge says it's no panacea.

Griffin Technology

Something tells us that Steve Jobs' delicate sensibilities might be offended by Griffin's new "ClearBoost" case for the iPhone, mainly because its built-in antenna ruins the clean lines of the fashion-conscious uber-handset. And while the case deserves credit for addressing functionality rather than just aesthetics (unlike many other unfortunate versions), its reception claims are yet to be seen in any significant way.

The protruding stub, according to Griffin, results in "a better signal, especially in border areas--which translates to fewer dropped calls, wider coverage areas, and faster downloads when browsing through your cellular connection." But iLounge, while finding it "almost always a net positive," said the case " will not be a panacea for those suffering from complete service outages and, under some circumstances, it will do nothing." Still, given the countless other alternatives on the market, you certainly could do worse, antenna or no antenna.

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