Grappling hook back-ups high tech gear

Digital Force Technologies markets pneumatically launched grappling hook.


Locate the problem with imagery-enhanced GPS, monitor it via digital remote surveillance, chew it over on low-Earth orbit sat-phone, but sooner or later there'll be a boarding, and that's when you'll need the T-PLS pneumatically launched grappling hook.

Digital Force Technologies makes and markets all of the above, but it's the T-PLS air-propelled tactical line-throwing system with standard titanium grappling hook and 7mm Kevlar line that you want in the trunk of your car when you're called to the next Vegas hotel fire.

Developed by DFT for Special Operations Forces, the 350psi regulated air source shoots the line out "in excess of 120 feet," according to the company. "Minimizing complexity and emphasizing durability, T-PLS brings a much needed capability by mitigating noise and allowing the SOF operator to reach new heights in tactical climbing missions."

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