GPS mouse or maple bar?

We don't care if it does have global tracking--it looks funky.

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Road warriors come in all shapes and sizes, and their equipment reflects that diversity. Nowhere is that more evident than the stalwart mouse, where functions can range from built-in VoIP phones to back massagers while looking like a George Foreman Grill the whole time.

But those who truly love to boast of their worldliness would probably want to get one of these: a GPS wireless mouse. The Bluetooth Navilock BT-451, according to OhGizmo, has been released for would-be Magellans on the European market with a "SuperSense" chip that's capable of indoor and outdoor tracking.

Why one would need a GPS mouse is well beyond our comprehension, of course, but the farthest we travel these days is the local Wi-Fi doughtnut shop so we're not exactly experts. We do know, however, that we would't want to carry around a mouse shaped like a maple bar, tracking or no tracking.

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