Got a steady hand? This camera has 158 lenses

Japanese researcher Yojiro Ishino of the Nagoya Institute of Technology has created a camera with 158 lenses--the most in the world, according to Guinness.

Guinness World Records has certified a Japanese researcher's camera as having the most lenses in the world at 158.

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Yojiro Ishino of the Nagoya Institute of Technology created the super camera with his students in August to photograph flames from many different angles to better understand their structure.

The research goal is to find more efficient ways of burning fuel for engines.

The camera images can be used to create realistic computer-generated graphics of the flames in 3D. Ishino created a lower-res camera with only 40 lenses in 2003.

His latest camera measures 1.5 feet in diameter and 2.8 inches tall. It took Ishino and his students about six months to assemble the 158 high-power lenses into four rows along a semicircle.

Each lens cost about 200 yen, or $2.24, and the team bought 800 lenses for the project. Guinness required that each of the 158 lenses in the camera was operational before certifying the machine.

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