Google's upgraded enterprise software to debut

blog Google Mini 2.2 helps small and medium-size businesses search intranets, internal business apps.

Google is expected to release the latest version of the company's enterprise search system on Tuesday.

Designed with small and medium-size businesses in mind, the Google Mini 2.2 will enable companies to perform searches on intranets as well as internal business applications, said Kevin Gough, enterprise product manager for Google.

The software, which goes on sale immediately, is compatible with leading security standards and enables administrators to wall off sensitive information from searches, such as financial records or legal documents.

The Mini searches up to 50,000 documents, includes all hardware and software and a year's worth of customer support for $1,995, according to Google.

The search engine is attempting to cast as big a shadow in the highly competitive business-search market as it does in the consumer-search ranks. Google launched an enterprise business four years ago, and the Mini upgrade represents a step forward, said Gough.

"Smaller companies can now make queries to specialized business applications, and those will be wrapped with Google's natural search results," Gough said.

If someone in a company searches for the terms "sales opportunity," for example, the phrase could trigger the Mini to transfer information from within the company, such as inventory or customer-relationship management systems, Gough said.

Among the other features the Mini offers is that it integrates with Google Analytics, the application that helps companies track traffic and navigation on their public Web sites. Google Mini owners can export their site maps to Google to ensure their public pages are included in the search engine's results.

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