Google's beautiful 'thank you' to mothers

To celebrate Mother's Day, Google releases an utter tearjerker of an homage to the woman who always held it all together when you couldn't.

Thank you. Google/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

For a company that is desperate to have you behave like a nonhuman with a peculiar penchant for spying and bad taste in glasses, Google still has a level of humanity buried deep within what's left of its soul.

One of the very best ads of last year was a Google Chrome ad called "Jess Time," in which a father and daughter try to come to terms with the death of Jess' mother.

Now, just in time for Mother's Day, Google has released a quite beautiful homage to the woman who always held it all together when you couldn't.

This is a simple "thank you," one bathed in the truth of life.

If you can't be moved by this, you have already irretrievably gone to the other side and deserve to wear Google Glass for eternity.

Whatever your plans for Mother's Day, I hope that you find a way to make your mom feel appreciated.

When they're gone (disclosure: mine died last year in very sad circumstances), you realize far more just how unconditional their love can be.

And, let's face it, how many things in today's world are unconditional?

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