Google warns on Yahoo-Microsoft

The search king's top lawyer says Microsoft's offer "raises troubling questions" given the company's monopolistic past.

Google's top lawyer has penned a letter outlining a number of concerns it sees if Microsoft's bid for Yahoo goes through.

In the letter, "Yahoo and the future of the Internet," Google chief legal officer David Drummond says that Microsoft's offer "raises troubling questions" given the company's monopolistic past.

"This is about more than simply a financial transaction, one company taking over another," Drummond said. "It's about preserving the underlying principles of the Internet: openness and innovation.

Drummond warns that Microsoft could attempt the same things it did in in the PC market, ultimately stifling new ideas. It also says a combined Microsoft-Yahoo would have an "overwhelming share" in instant messaging and Web mail.

"Policymakers around the world need to ask these questions--and consumers deserve satisfying answers," Drummond wrote.

Google and Microsoft frequently trade complaints on how the other is a monopoly and shouldn't be able to do whatever the other wants to do.

Perhaps, they just need a proper introduction to one another. Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, this is pot.

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