Google+ users can now view photo albums as slide shows

Members of Google's social network can now view photo albums as a slide show and download the photos of fellow users.

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Google has added two new features to Google+ in response to user requests.

The first feature lets you view another person's photo albums as a slideshow. To check this out, surf to this album set up by a manager at Google+ Photos. Click on the Slideshow button in the upper right corner. Then just sit back and enjoy the show.

Hovering your mouse over any photo displays forward and backward buttons so you can quickly move to the next or previous photo. You can also pause the show or click the X button to stop it and return to the photo album view.

The second feature lets you download a fellow user's photo album. On the album page, click on the More button and then select the command to Download album. A dialog box pops up prompting you to save all the photos in a single zip file, which you can then unzip and view on your computer.

Those of you who may not want other people downloading your photos can turn off that option. Open the Google+ Settings page, scroll down to the bottom, and uncheck the option to "Allow viewers to download my photos."

The changes are also described in a blog post by Andrew Lee, a software engineer with the Google+ Photos team. Google keeps adding new features to Google+, and Lee invites users to "keep the feedback coming."

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