Google updates finance search for Android, iPhone

Search results for stocks now reveal an interactive graph, plus news and personal stock information you can swipe through.

Google finance search for Android, iPhone

Google made a few tweaks today to the way it presents financial information in its mobile search results.

Now, typing a stock symbol into the search bar in on your iPhone or Android smartphone (2.1 or above) returns useful data in a glance, including the stock's share price and an interactive graph you can click on to see fluctuations over a day up to a five-year span.

What's more, the results appear on four "cards," or screens, that you can swipe through to see additional news, and a market overview. Those of you signed on to your Google account can also swipe to see a summarized view of your Google Finance stock portfolio.

The new usability features are launching in English for now, with more language support to follow.

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