Google TV Remote app for Android gains voice search

The official Google TV remote control app for Android has received its first update in three years.

The Google TV Remote app for Android gains voice search. Google

The official Google TV Remote app for Android has received its first software update in years, adding in a number of new features.

Perhaps most notable in the change log is the addition of voice search support, which provides a more robust user experience.

With the update, users can now search for movies, television shows, and other content across the platform.

Previously, hardware limitations prevented users from being able to use voice as an input method.

The latest version of the Google TV Remote includes a new D-Pad navigation as well, which allows you to navigate more naturally.

Prior to the update, users had to swipe across the directional pad in order to navigate from option to option.

The app update isn't groundbreaking at all, but it is refreshing to see that Google is still paying attention to this app.

With Google I/O 2013 taking place in a little over one month, it's possible that we could see more on the Google TV front.

The Google TV Remote app is available as a free download in Google Play and works on devices running Android 2.2 and up.

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