Google tablet timing set, says report

Google's tablet will be available in July. And priced to move.


The June tablet cavalcade will continue with a Google Nexus device, say Asia-based reports.

In the wake of Computex and today's Microsoft Surface announcements, June is turning out to be a hot month for new tablets.

And now it's Google's turn. The 7-inch Nexus tablet, jointly developed with Asus, will be unveiled at Google I/O, which starts on June 27, according to a report from Taipei-based Digitimes. An earlier rumor made a similar claim.

Other specifics include Wi-Fi-only connectivity and no rear camera, due to its low $199 price, the report said. (There is a front camera.)

Google's Chrome browser will also be preloaded.

Quanta Computer will make it, aiming for total shipments of three million units in the second half of this year.

Retail availability is slated for July, the report said.

Asus is also planning its own 7-inch tablet priced at $159-179 in August, according to the report.

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