Google spruces up its iOS Google Drive app

The tech giant updates its storage service app for iPhone and iPad with a new card-style thumbnail layout, better search functionality, and the ability to copy and share Drive file links.


Google rolled out a major design refresh of its iOS Google Drive app on Thursday. The app now has a choice of layout -- card-style thumbnails or list -- and a host of other new features that make file search and storage easier on iPhones and iPads.

"One of the features you've told us you want on Drive for iOS is the ability to effortlessly browse and preview files, just like you can on Android," Google software engineer Kelvin Chan wrote in a blog post. "You can toggle between the new thumbnail view and the traditional list view with just the press of a button."

In addition to the different layouts, Google also changed the way files and folders are grouped to make them more intuitive -- rather than being all jumbled together. Other new features include the ability to copy the link for Drive files for simple e-mail and text sharing and a better search function that can even recognize objects in photos and text in scanned documents.

"So the next time you're looking for photos of that trip to the Statue of Liberty, just enter the phrase 'Statue of Liberty' and your photos will appear -- voila," Chan wrote.

Google first launched its iOS Google Drive app in June 2012 and has had one major update since then. Today's update is now available in Apple's App Store.

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