Google search juggernaut pushes forward

comScore says Google search market share has risen to 49.7 percent.

Google search just keeps getting more popular. That's according to the latest comScore figures, which show that Google captured 49.7 percent of the U.S. search market in April. That's up 1.4 share points from the previous month.

Meanwhile, Yahoo held its second-place spot with 26.8 percent of the search market share. The figures show that Microsoft had 10.3 percent, the Ask network 5.1 percent and Time Warner's network, which includes AOL, 5 percent.

Google was the only month-over-month gainer, and AOL was flat. "Google's share gain came at the expense of almost all top search sites, and Yahoo took the largest hit," Bear Stearns analyst Robert Peck noted in a research note Friday. Google also leads the pack on searches per searcher per month--31 on average, which Google claims indicates "mind share," Peck said.

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