Google revamps DoubleClick ad management tech

New tools for Web publishers are designed to help them manage display ad sales and placement on their Web sites, and fulfill the promise of Google's DoubleClick buy.

The new DoubleClick for Publishers technology is designed to help Web publishers manage the ad server level of advertising process. Google

This is what Google had in mind when it acquired DoubleClick.

Google unveiled its rebranded display ad serving technology Monday, bringing together the DoubleClick DART for Publishers and Google Ad Manager products under a new name: DoubleClick for Publishers. The new ad-management software has a redesigned user interface, links to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and APIs for company developers to build applications on top of the technology.

The idea is to give Web publishers that run "Ads By Google" a better way to control where their clients' ads appear. Similar work on search ads has made many a millionaire at Google, and the company believes it can give display advertisers the same amount of precision and analytical tools that are available for text advertisers.

Hence the $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick in 2008 . Last year Google unveiled the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange , which matches ad buyers looking for a discount with ad sellers hoping to fill excess inventory.

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