Google releases Google Wave demonstration video

Google Wave is a lofty concept that can be hard to put into words, so Google has released the video from Thursday's Google I/O keynote to help explain the project.

For those who are having a little trouble understanding exactly what Google Wave is all about, seeing it in action might help you wrap your head around the concept.

Google has released video of Thursday's keynote speech at Google I/O in San Francisco, where the company publicly demonstrated Google Wave for the first time before about 4,000 developers. Google Wave is an ambitious, if incomplete, attempt to reinvent e-mail and Internet communication in general.

Developers are just starting to get their hands on Google Wave to try it out for themselves, but the public is not expected to get the same chance for several months. We hope to post a hands-on review ourselves in the coming days, but for now, check out the video if you'd like to see Google Wave in action. Be forewarned, it's long (90 minutes).

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