Google 'probably' to bid for 700MHz spectrum

The search giant may submit a $4.6 billion bid for a prime chunk of wireless spectrum, its CEO says.

ASPEN, Colo.--Google is "probably" going to submit a $4.6 billion bid for a prime chunk of wireless spectrum, its chief executive said Tuesday evening.

Eric Schmidt told a dinner audience at the Progress and Freedom Foundation's Aspen Summit that "it's highly likely that when we get to that point we will see the regulatory framework that is conducive to the bid (we wanted) to make."

In response to a question from a T-Mobile representative, he added: "probably is the answer to that."

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced details about how the 700MHz spectrum auction will be handled, and has asked for public comment on some of the details.

Google had lobbied the FCC for open access requirements--some of which were granted, and all of which were opposed by major telecommunications providers.

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