Google poaches top Samsung marketing exec for Moto

We could see more combative adverts from Google and Motorola, if its latest hire is anything to go by.

Google could be about to fall out with Samsung. Yesterday we reported that the big G is tasking Motorola (which it owns ) with making its next flagship devices , instead of trusting Samsung or LG. Well now comes word Google has poached one of Samsung's key marketing executives as well. Talk about twisting the knife.

AllThingsD is reporting that Google has hired Brian Wallace, former vice president of strategic marketing at Samsung's mobile arm. Wallace will do a similar role over at Motorola, according to AllThingsD's sources.

So what can we expect from Motorola with Wallace in charge of its marketing? Well Wallace was the man responsible for taking potshots at Apple fanboys, depicting them as slavish hipster wannabies in a  series of ads . The campaign also labelled Apple products as ideal for old fogies.

Here's an example.

According to web video tracker Visible Measures, it was the most popular tech advert of the year.

The war between Google and Apple has been pretty fierce, with the late Steve Jobs declaring Android a stolen product. He vowed to " go thermonuclear " over it. So Google may well want to run more combative adverts. You might say it's already got the ball rolling: Motorola was quick to mock Apple's Maps debacle , with an advert showing how much better Google Maps is.

Of course Motorola isn't alone in taking aim at Apple. Samsung is no stranger to it, with one recent spot using the slogan "it doesn't take a genius" (a reference to Apple's Genius Bar in its stores) alongside a spec showdown of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

Wallace joined Samsung a year ago. Previously he was at RIM for over a decade, though I don't think he was responsible for its recent " Wake Up " campaign. At least, I hope not.

What do you think of tech companies slating each other in their adverts? A bit of harmless fun, or needless negativity? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page. And please, keep it friendly.

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