Google Play to let all developers respond to user comments

Initially "top" developers were able to comment, but now Google is gradually allowing all developers of an app to respond.

All Google Play developers will soon be able to respond to user comments.
All Google Play developers will soon be able to respond to user comments. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Google is opening up Google Play to allow all developers who worked on a particular app to chime in to address comments from users.

Last June, the search giant first started to let people with Top Developers badges respond to user comments. But now the company is expanding that program so that any developer can respond regardless of status, according to The Next Web.

The feature isn't yet available to all developers but is on its way. A Google spokesperson told TNW that "the feature originally rolled out to top developers, and we're gradually expanding it to additional Google Play developers."

CNET contacted Google for further details.

Letting developers respond directly to users is important as it allows for a two-way dialogue. Some comments may contain inaccurate information. Other comments may throw out questions that can be addressed by the developer rather than leaving them hanging. And since reviews can easily influence potential buyers, developers need to be able to set the record straight sometimes.

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