Google Play gift cards make their way to the U.K.

The gift cards will go on sale in U.K. brances of Tesco and Morrisons and will allow customers to buy anything from music to apps.

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Google Play gift cards have officially launched in the U.K.

The search giant today announced that the cards have gone on sale in the U.K. in denominations of 10 pounds ($15), 25 pounds, and 50 pounds. The cards are being rolled out across Tesco and Morrisons locations around the country and should be available at all of their branches in the coming weeks.

Google launched its gift cards in the U.S. last year . Those cards, which are available at a wide array of retail locations, including Target and GameStop, come in denominations of $10, $25, and $50. Similar to iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards allow customers to buy music, movies, apps, books, and magazines from the Google Play marketplace.

The launch comes just a day after Google announced a celebration for Google Play's first birthday . That celebration will include deals and discounts on its store's offerings, including 99-cent movie rentals and free songs.

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