Google phone rumors heat up

Sources hint that the company may work with Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC to produce a phone with a Google-approved OS.

A Google phone mockup created by T3 T3

The Google phone rumor is starting to really take shape, and if we're lucky, it may even come true. Information gathered from Digitimes, GigaOm, CrunchGear, and more, hints at Google perhaps closely working with Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC to produce a phone with a Google-approved OS. This dovetails nicely with the overall sentiment that Google wouldn't actually develop its own hardware, but would instead work with a third-party manufacturer and then supply its own OS and applications. The OS, according to GigaOm, would be based on a mobile variant of Linux, and will support Java apps. There will supposedly be a search browser with pan-and-browse features similar to the one on the iPhone. Digitimes even goes so far as to confirm the existence of the phone, citing interviews with Taiwanese handset makers, but details on the OS and its features still remain hazy. Speculations abound that the mythical phone will support all of Google's applications, like Google Maps, GMail, and even Google Docs. There's no way for us to confirm these rumors right now, but we do think this will be quite an exciting device if it does come to fruition.

(The above image is a concept/mockup from T3)

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