Google: Oracle 'redacted or deleted' code in suit

Search giant responds to Oracle's lawsuit, which accuses Google of plagiarizing Java code for Android. Google says Oracle tampered with the evidence.

Google's reply to Oracle's amended complaint in the Java infringement suit is a barn burner, and the search giant isn't going quietly. Remember that line-by-line comparison of Java vs. Android code? Google says Oracle redacted parts to look better.

Groklaw has the reply, which was filed Wednesday. It reads in part:

Google further denies that the document attached to Oracle's Amended Complaint as Exhibit J contains a true and correct copy of a class file from either Android or "Oracle America's Java." Google states further that Oracle has redacted or deleted from the materials shown in Exhibit J both expressive material and copyright headers that appear in the actual materials, which are significant elements and features of the files in question.

In other words, Google says Oracle did some creative editing on its Exhibit J to look better.

Google response to Oracle amended complaint

Read more of "Google: We didn't infringe on Java; Oracle's smoking code was rigged" at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

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