Google+ offers recommended stories to mobile users

Articles on supported mobile Web sites can now point Google+ users to related stories popular on Google's social network.


Google+ users reading articles on mobile Web sites may now start to see recommendations to related stories.

Unveiled today, the new feature allows Web developers to add code to their sites so that users can discover more stories by that publisher on the same topic or from the same author.

As described in today's Google+ developers blog, a user reading a certain story on a mobile device will see a link toward the bottom of that story. The link suggests a related story that's been heavily shared or received a +1 on Google+. Tapping on that link brings the user to the recommended story.

So far, Forbes has incorporated the feature into stories on its mobile site. But other publishers can tap into it by adding a bit of Javascript to their site via the instructions on a Google developers page.

With Google's I/O conference set to rev up on Wednesday, the search giant is looking at more partners to integrate the new recommendation feature.

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