Google Nexus D is a curved concept with a kickstand

This slick mockup of a possible future Google Nexus phone flaunts a curved screen and kickstand.

If you've got curves, flaunt 'em, we say. This slick mockup of a possible future Google Nexus phone flaunts its curved screen, as well as a kickstand and loads of other cool features.

The concave touchscreen helps the Nexus D concept nestle in the hypothetical hand, while the kickstand lets you set it down to enjoy high-definition movies and TV. The curved screen is edged by light-up piping to notify you of a new message.

The Nexus D is sadly only a fictional mockup from the imagination of one Dorian Lust. It's conceived as having a quad-core 1.8GHz processor and 1.5GB of RAM with 32 or 64GB of storage. 

It's shock-resistant so you don't have to panic should it tumble from your pocket as you have a little jump about. It's also a universal remote to control your telly and hi-fi, and has a laser pointer in case you're doing presentations or pretending you're a deadly sniper.

Built-in NFC lets you pay for things with an airy wave of your phone, or change a bunch of settings in one go by tapping the phone on a pre-programmed NFC tag .

Security comes from a fingerprint scanner or a cornea scan that recognises your eye -- watch out for Wesley Snipes holding a pen, obviously. One idea that we like is the option for the accelerometer to unlock the phone by waving the phone in a specific motion.

It also has back and front radar detection, whatever that is. A variant for farmers features reinforced corners for extra protection and agrarian extras including a moisture meter for checking hay and grain and other farm-type things.

Other cool concepts that have tickled our fictional phone fancy include this transparent iPhone and there iPad concept designs . What do you think of the Nexus D design? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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