Google more popular than chocolate with young adults, poll reveals

A survey finds 94 percent of people aged 18 to 29 look favorably upon the tech giant, making it more popular than, well, just about anything.

The young people these days are really into the Google, even more than the Apple or the Facebook.

It's hot with the kids these days. Screenshot by Eric MackCNET

That's the finding of a poll conducted for The Washington Post in which 94 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 reported having a favorable opinion of the Mountain View, Calif., behemoth, with 72 percent saying they have a "strongly favorable" view of Google.

That officially makes Google more popular with twenty-somethings than chocolate, which 90 percent of people say they "love."

By comparison, 75 percent of young adults in the same age group had favorable views of Facebook, and 71 percent looked kindly on Apple.

Google also had higher favorable ratings than Apple and Facebook for older age groups, but by slimmer margins. When all ages were taken into account, 82 percent of the 1,007 people contacted via cell phone and landlines for the survey between May 29 and June 2 looked favorably upon Google, compared with 72 percent for Apple and 60 percent for Facebook.

The timing of the survey seems to favor Google, which has been riding a wave of press attention powered by Google Glass and its recent Google I/O developer conference, where a number of product improvements were announced. Apple, on the other hand, has seen its favorability rating drop by 10 percentage points since last year, following troubling times for its shareholders and questions about the company's tax practices that led to CEO Tim Cook testifying before Congress.

If Google's Larry Page or Sergey Brin have any designs on a political career, it seems now would be the time to throw their hat in the ring.

Meanwhile, would somebody please hand Microsoft a tissue? I imagine the company is a little upset about not being included in the poll. But if Windows 8 adoption numbers are any indication, maybe it's better this way.

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