Google Map Maker users can now share their maps via Google+

Your Google+ contacts can view and comment on the maps you create through the Google tool.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Those of you who build and tweak your own maps via Google's Map Maker can now share them with your circles on Google+.

Any maps that you share via a post pop up on your Google+ profile, visible to the folks who follow you. They can then see your map and comment on it, according to the latest info from the Google Maps team.

Google has outlined a series of steps for sharing your maps on its social network. It's just as simple as sharing other content. Simply click on the Share button, type your message, and then choose which circles should receive your post.

Map Maker lets you create and customize maps on Google by adding the location and certain details on roads, businesses, landmarks, and other spots. By sharing your maps, other people can review your changes, correct any mistakes, and provide information about more local sites that you may wish to add.

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