Google looks to unify chat services under 'Babble'

That's going to be the new name of a collection of Google instant-messaging services, which the company may present at Google I/O in May, according to a report.

Google's messaging platforms might all be rolled into one new platform, according to a recent report.

The search giant is planning to combine its many messaging platforms, including Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, and Messenger, into one service it'll call Babble, is reporting, citing "multiple sources" who claim to have knowledge of its plans. The move is designed to make it easier for Google's users to communicate and also reduce the sheer number of places the search giant needs to work to keep communication going.

Google has long suffered from a communication issue. There are currently several ways for its users to communicate with others, but actually getting them to work across its many services hasn't proven so easy. Getting Babble into the mix will make that much easier and allow for more flexibility,'s sources say.

Once Babble launches, users will be able to share photos and chat. The same chat window can be used across all of Google's products, according to's sources didn't say when Babble might launch, but said the feature should be shown off at Google I/O in May.

Google declined CNET's request for comment on Babble.

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