Google links students, projects in Summer of Code

Company announces a fresh crop of students and open-source projects participating in its fifth annual Summer of Code.

For four years, Google has brought together some of the best open-source projects and most promising young programmers in its Summer of Code.


Now in its fifth year, Summer of Code 2009 promises to do the same, with a range of new countries and projects represented.

Of the 70 countries involved, here are the ones with the most students: United States (212), India (101), Germany (55), Canada (44), and Brazil (43). And for the first time, student programmers from the Dominican Republic, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Nigeria will also participate.

Summer of Code has been an excellent way for Google to reach out to the open-source community. But it has also been a great way for open-source projects to bond with Google and improve themselves. Drupal is an example of a project that has derived significant value, from its five-year association with Summer of Code. But it's not alone.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this summer's efforts.

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