Google integrates Nearby location in search results

Following the launch of its Near Me Now mobile-search feature, Google's Nearby tool enables users to find keyword results around their current location.

Google searchers can now refine their search results based on location, the company announced Friday.

The new "Nearby" feature is available in Google's Search Options panel. It defaults to users' current location, which can be further refined to include their city, region, or state.

Google Nearby
Google is showing off its new "Nearby" feature. Google

The Nearby tool also gives users the option of searching a different area with the help of a "custom location" option that requires them to input a city and state or zip code.

Google said the Nearby tool works by geography, rather than keyword, which means that results will include surrounding areas; they won't be limited to the single town or city a user selects.

Google's addition of Nearby to its search results comes just more than a month after the company launched its "Near Me Now" feature for mobile search. That option enables users to query Google from their iPhone or Android-based device to find results around their location.

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