Google home pages get more personal

Google's taking on MyYahoo and NetVibes with its new start page enhancements.

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Want to add some pizzazz to your Google personalized home page? This week Google is offering six themes that people can use to decorate their page. Google typically prefers simple, clean, text-only pages for its sites, with the notable exception being the doodle on its main search page. With this announcement Google is recognizing that some people might want to add some some color to their personalized home pages.

The themes include a beach, a cityscape, a Japanese tea house, the four seasons, the sky, and a bus stop. They will change dynamically, depending on the time of day and the weather conditions. For example, the beach scene will show a sunrise or a sunset that corresponds to the local time and the characters in the bus stop theme will hold umbrellas if it is raining.

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