Google ekes out more share gains in search

Google once again reported steady market share gains in online searches performed in the United States during May.

Google increased its market share of searches in the United States in May, rising from 67.9 percent share in April to 68.29 percent in May, analyst firm Hitwise reported Tuesday.

During the same period, Yahoo dropped from 20.28 percent to 19.95 percent and Microsoft dropped from 6.26 percent to 5.89 percent. Fourth-place increased slightly from 4.17 percent to 4.23 percent, Hitwise said.

Search share is financially important because it means there are more opportunities to sell advertisements.

In the U.K., Google had 87 percent search share to Yahoo's 4.09 percent, Microsoft's 3.72 percent, and's 3.07 percent.

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