Google doodle tests your fingers' mettle for Olympic gold

New doodle features a one-man hurdles race that tests users' ability to make their athlete run fast with one hand while controlling their leap with the other.


Google's latest Olympic doodle is designed to give your fingers a run for the gold.

In a Web version of the classic Olympic event, The Hurdles is an interactive keyboard sprint that tests users' ability to make their athlete run as fast as they can with one hand, while using another to decide the proper time to begin each leap.

Click the "play" button to get your race started. A helpful onscreen tutorial coaches you to alternately tap the left and right cursor keys to get your virtual track star moving, while the space bar signals when you want him to jump.

The run is timed and the number of hurdles not cleared counts against your final time, which is also awarded one to three gold stars based on overall performance. You can then post your time to Google +, if you like.

Following tradition that goes back to the Sydney Games in 2000, Google publishes a new doodle each day to reflect one of Olympic events. The sports depicted in doodles so far at the London Games are archery, diving, fencing, rings, field hockey, table tennis, shot put, pole vault, synchronized swimming, and javelin.

As with all of Google's special doodles, clicking on the artwork will take users to more information on the events, including schedules and results.

Remember to stretch first.

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