Google and LG's Nexus 4 outed by Carphone Warehouse

A listing in Carphone Warehouse's inventory system reveals the latest Nexus device, which will be based on the Optimus G.

LG's Optimus G, the inspiration for the next Nexus phone. LG

Google and LG's Nexus smartphone is getting closer to reality after it popped up Carphone Warehouse's inventory system.

A listing for an LG Nexus 4 appeared in the U.K. retailer's system, according to a picture posted by The Verge.

The listing is just the latest indication that LG will be at least one of the companies releasing a Nexus smartphone, which Google uses to showcase the latest version of its Android mobile operating system. On Friday, CNET confirmed that the phone would be coming out later this month , and purported pictures of the device popped up yesterday.

The phone is based on LG's current flagship Optimus G, which AT&T and Sprint Nextel have committed to selling. The phone is LG's current flagship device, and LG has promised a large marketing push for the phone .

The Nexus program has helped create a bit of buzz for the manufacturing partner involved, which has mostly been Samsung Electronics (Asus built the Nexus 7 tablet), and LG could stand to benefit from the extra attention.

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