Google airs Nexus 10 ad focusing on how it's 'shareable'

The latest in a line of Nexus ads aims to show that more than one user can have login credentials to the tablet -- accessing e-mail, Google+, calendars, and more.

Google airs its new Nexus 10 ad. Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET

In a new ad, Google aims to show just how "shareable" its Nexus 10 tablet is. The ad (see below) features a couple expecting a baby and has scenes bouncing back and forth between the two who each use the tablet to make calendar notes, share on Google+, and read up on pregnancy books.

It seems that Google's goal with the Nexus 10 ad is emphasize that more than one user can use the tablet, each with their own user login credentials. The ad ends with the line, "The shareable 10" tablet from Google."

It makes sense that Google would focus on the multi-user feature because this is something that's not yet incorporated into Apple's iPad. As for Apple, it too has been rolling out a series of ads flaunting new features -- it debuted an iPhone ad last week and an iPad commercial last month.

Google's Nexus 10 ad is the latest in a line of Nexus commercials. It launched a Nexus 7 ad last August and a Nexus 4 ad during the Grammy's in February. There is both a one-minute and a 30-second version of the new Nexus 10 ad. According to The Verge, the commercial has already started airing on television.

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