Google adds more social integration for Chrome iOS app

With its first update to the Chrome iOS app, Google introduces direct sharing through e-mail or on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Google yesterday announced the first update to its Chrome iOS app. Now available in the App Store, the 21.0.1180.77 update brings a few tweaks for iPhone and iPad users.

The biggest change is the ability to share directly from Chrome through e-mail or on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (see our How To for more information). That follows a Google+ update last week, which allowed users to open shared Web links directly in Chrome.

Also new are improved sign-in error messages, better language detection for the welcome tour, and fixes for Web pages that load blank in Incognito mode.

Google introduced Chrome apps for both Android and iOS last June at Google I/O in San Francisco. To download the apps, read CNET's full reviews of the iOS and Android versions.

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