Google adds Google Apps link to Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance users can now find documents or other information stored in Google Apps with Google's enterprise-search hardware.

Google's latest Google Search Appliance can now find documents within a company's Google Apps domain.
Google's latest Google Search Appliance can now find documents within a company's Google Apps domain. Google

Google's enterprise push continues with plans to link two of its more business-oriented products: Google Search Appliance and Google Apps.

Seems simple--and long overdue--but Google is announcing plans for a new version of the Google Search Appliance that allows business users to find results within Google Apps and Google Sites, should you work for a company that uses Google's office-productivity software and corporate search appliance. The new edition, called "Cloud Connect," also lets users search Twitter and other Web sites from within their organization.

Google Search Appliance is not a product we hear an awful lot about, despite the fact that with the death of the Nexus One , it's carrying the hardware mantle for Google at the moment. But Google never stops talking about its plans to expand its enterprise computing strategy , usually with Microsoft's suite of software in its sights.

To that end, the new Google Search Appliance is another step in the direction of Microsoft's Sharepoint software, which lets employees search for files and other information within a company. Google Apps usage is still relatively small although gaining traction at 3 million businesses, but Google hasn't released any details on the number of people using the Google Search Appliance.

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