Goodmail debuts e-mail service with streaming video

Company launches CertifiedVideo, an e-mail service that embeds streaming videos into messages.

Goodmail Systems unveiled on Thursday its CertifiedVideo, which offers streaming video capabilities within e-mail.

Goodmail, which provides companies and nonprofits with encrypted e-mail, is adding embedded streaming video capabilities to its service.

"Americans watched more than 14 billion online videos this past January alone. With CertifiedVideo, consumers can now watch videos within their e-mail in-box without having to click to an external Web site, and brands can tap into shifting media consumption habits and craft truly interactive, e-mail 3.0 marketing campaigns," Peter Horan, Goodmail CEO, said in a statement.

AOL is the first e-mail provider to offer Certified Video. Among the companies sending footage over the e-mail service are Country Music TV, LiveNation, The New York Times, and Target.

With its CertifiedVideo service, Goodmail first analyzes a prospective sender's video player for code stability and platform compatibility, with the aim of ensuring the video can be delivered and viewed. After it's been approved, a sender can use Goodmail's CertifiedEmail system to add encrypted video tokens to outbound messages.

The outbound messages are designed to notify the recipient's e-mail provider to deliver the message directly to the recipient with the video content enabled, according to Goodmail.

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