Good news: PlainTalk Lives! PowerBook 3400 soars

Good news: PlainTalk Lives! PowerBook 3400 soars

a. Last time we had some good news about Game Sprockets; today it's good news about PlainTalk. The following was posted (by Apple's Joseph Mankoski ) on the PlainTalk Mailing List. (Thanks, Mark Brooks.)

"Apple's recent press release failed to mention that our core speech research team was preserved in Apple's research lab. (And that, in fact, more speech people were retained than were laid off.) I can assure you that we are all working diligently to make sure that our speech technologies live on in current and future Apple products and operating systems. (In fact, we already have some very promising new results that I hope we will be able to share with you in the NeXT few months!)"

b. And how about this?: Apple Recon writes that "Apple has reportedly sold over 50,000 PowerBook 3400s in just 2 weeks. Coupled with the robust sales of MacOS 7.6, and soon to be released 7.6.1, the 'final numbers' might not be so gloomy as expected in either Q2 or Q3."

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