GoMac conflicts and solutions: a follow-up

GoMac conflicts and solutions: a follow-up

Regarding the conflicts with GoMac that were mentioned last time, several readers offered work-arounds:

a. To solve the conflict between GoMac and the PC Setup control panel: just make sure that GoMac loads after PC Setup. (Thanks, Derek Nakata.)

b. For the problem with GoMac and Newswatcher:
Bryan Berg wrote: "Dab the window resizer on the bottom right of the window. Even just a slight adjustment brings up the postings as they should look."
Mike Silverman wrote: "Click the zoom box in the news article window....it will zoom down to small size...from this you can zoom back out to full size, where everything will work normally. Requires an extra 2 click every time you open a newsgroup, but it works."

And a new conflict gets reported:
Matt White reports: "Network Assistant (part of Apple's Network Administrator Toolkit) will crash every time it's launched if GoMac is active." (However, Mott Morris found the two files to work just fine together.)


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