Gold rice cooker worthy of 'Iron Chef'

The best part is the translation of its name.


As much as the grain is a staple of our diet, rice cookers aren't something you'll usually find on Crave. But readers of this space know well that we have a thing for all things gold, and this item definitely qualifies on that score (which doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing). We also have a passion for weird names, so that makes it a two-fer.

Sanyo's new pressure cooker, which uses some serious copper heating technology, comes in "champagne gold" and apparently is prized enough to encase in glass. But the most notable thing about it is its name: The Takumi Jyundou Odoridaki, according to Fareastgizmos, means "Maestro's Pure Cooker Dancing and Boiling." It's classic translations like this that make us pine for the days of the subtitled Iron Chef. Ohta, we hardly knew ye.

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