Gold-plated Xbox One: Because you deserve a $10K console

You may never be a Royal, but you can at least game like one with this luxury geek item from Harrods.

Gold-plated Xbox One is the perfect gift for the royal gamer in your life.
A gold-plated Xbox One is the perfect gift for the gilded gamer in your life. SirSyhn

What do you give the gamer who plays Call of Duty with diamond-encrusted guns? How about a 24-karat gold-plated Xbox One? For a mere 6,000 British pounds -- that's approximately $9,785 -- you can get your hands on this decadent console for the holidays.

Spotted at the British luxury department store Harrods by Reddit user SirSyhn, this gold-plated Xbox One is the real deal and not a gamer urban legend.

But as fantastic (or Kardashian) as this sounds, gold-plated gaming consoles aren't totally unheard of. In 2011, a gold-plated Xbox 360 was up for grabs in the Behemoth's "Tournament of Champions." And in 2009, the Queen of England was gifted a gold-plated Nintendo Wii . But this gold-plated Xbox One console can be obtained without having to prove your gaming prowess or having to be part of the Royal family.

No sightings of multiple gold-plated Xbox One consoles have been reported, so this may indeed be one of the most limited-edition gamer presents created this season. Personally, I'm more of a gold-plated Atari 2600 kind of girl.

(Source: Luxurylaunches)


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