Gold Lantern VisorTalk: Bluetooth car speakerphone with caller ID

Unlike the earlier hands-free Bluetooth car speakerphones we've seen, the Gold Lantern VisorTalk VT-MK20 has a caller ID display.

Gold Lantern VisorTalk VT-MK20
The Gold Lantern VisorTalk adds caller ID to the hands-free equation. Gold Lantern

There are plenty of Bluetooth hands-free speakerphones for the car out there, but the Gold Lantern VisorTalk distinguishes itself with a caller ID display--all the better to screen calls while you're on the road. Otherwise, the VisorTalk--so named because it clips to the sun visor--has all the standard features covered: It sports Bluetooth 2.0 (for pairing with any compatible cell phone) and a full duplex speakerphone, and the rechargeable battery is rated at 8 hours talk time and 200 hours standby (a car charger is included). And that "H" button centered below the display is a "hot-line" number that you can set for any favorite number you choose. Sure, it may not beat the text-to-speech caller ID feature on the Sony Ericsson HCB-150, but the $75 street price on the Gold Lantern is less than half what you'll pay for the Sony Ericsson. The VisorTalk is available now.

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