Going solar doesn't have to be ugly

There must be a better way to design green bags.


As much as we like the idea, there must be a more attractive way to design bags that use solar energy. As chic as these "Noon Solar" bags may seem on one side, their fashion points take a deep dive when it's turned over to reveal its industrial-looking solar panels.

That's only half the story, of course, as it can power all manner of gadgetry after six to eight hours of daylight. And the bag's green theme is continued through its construction, according to Gizmodiva, with "Bavarian sourced, chrome-free, naturally tanned and dyed, full-grain cowhide leather and naturally dyed hemp cotton blend." The perfect accessory for the upwardly mobile hippie.

Still, we think that something like this line from Picard or even the "Power Purse" satisfies both aesthetic and practical needs equally and discreetly, without looking like a tract-house roof. But if all else fails, maybe we should just wear the solar panels directly in our clothes.

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